Cloud Computing

For people who are new to this concept, let me simply put it as cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. Now, storing data for any business requires huge space and can increase costs too.
Cloud computing offers flexible working hours to the employees as it is internet-based. People can work both in and out of the office and be on the same page with proper synchronization.
With cloud computing, we can solve multiple issues like time, space, and money matters. Deployment time in cloud computing is virtually zero and will give you a strategic advantage over businesses that haven’t tried it. Cloud computing eradicates the possible losses caused due to server failure or hard drive crash.

With cloud hosting, your business is protected against hacking and data theft. Cloud providers are required to adhere to a range of austere security manifestations to protect their customers’ data. This includes the use of sturdy firewall technology that includes intrusion prevention systems and in-flow virus protection. These detect and detach threats before they attack your server.

Cloud computing is scalable, agile, futuristic, and guesses what, it is environment friendly as it does not need big server rooms or much power. This would help in significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

So, we help you in the easy deployment of the cloud for your business and make you multiply your profits. We cater our services on:
1.Azure: which is Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform.
2.Google Cloud: cloud computing services from Google.
3.AWS: is the cloud computing services provided by Amazon.
4.Analytics: Including Analytics in the business, helps in the optimization of its performance. It helps in making better business decisions, analyzing new customer trends in the market which leads to better products and services, hence increasing profit in the long run. With analytics, it becomes easy to see out the foremost used and useless assets. Owners can track the gaps in processes and take actions thereon .

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